Our values

We face up to our responsibility towards the living creature fish, towards people, but also towards our natural resources as the basis of human life.

The future viability

We are able to produce in a way that conserves resources and is independent of climate and location.

Securing the livelihood of humanity

We are facing the problem of the ever-growing world population and increasing scarcity of resources.

A fair togetherness

We stand for respectful interaction, honesty and transparency.

InfiniteSea as a team

As an interdisciplinary, international, scientifically working team, we believe in our production method and are convinced that it is an important step towards relieving the burden on the oceans and protecting marine ecosystems. Our concern is to respect nature and its resources and to protect them in the best possible way, thus safeguarding the basis of human life. InfiniteSea also stands for fairness and a healthy balance between people and the sea.

Many enthusiastic and convinced people have made the further development and operation of our farm possible and share the vision of enabling even more people to enjoy regionally and sustainably produced fish & seafood.


"We have the solution to feed a growing world population with healthy fish and seafood in a resource-efficient and sustainable way, even in the face of massive climate change."

InfiniteSea Farm is only possible through the support of many people. Would you also like to support us?

Dr. Andreas Mäck, CEO InfiniteSea GmbH