Innovation & Technology

The principle of the circular economy is based on the example of nature. Reduced to the essentials, it means the highest possible recycling of resources. We have consistently pursued this approach and developed a technology that allows us to produce fish and seafood in a resource-saving and location-independent way.

The trick here is simple but effective: We filter our water and process it biologically so that we can reuse 99.9% of it.

This is one of the most important advantages of our technology compared to conventional aquaculture.

Thus, we not only save resources significantly, but also prevent waste materials from entering the environment. The minimal water consumption in combination with our closed production method sets new standards in fish farming.

The advantages of our innovation

Year-round product availability

Completely independent of seasonality, thanks to 100% control of the most important parameters, we can guarantee consistently optimal water quality and offer our product without quality fluctuations throughout the year.

Location-independent production

Thanks to our closed system, we are not dependent on the location by the sea and can produce directly in strategic locations and regions with increased demand - such as near major cities.

High energy efficiency

Our concept promises the best possible efficiency and use of resources. The minimal water consumption reduces the tempering and pumping of inlet water, which is typical for plants near the sea, and thus lowers the overall energy demand.

Maximum product safety

Thanks to our closed system and the lack of contact with natural waters, the outbreak of diseases such as parasite infestation or pollution can be 100% prevented. Any preventive measures such as the use of antibiotics or other chemical treatments are therefore superfluous and are not used by us. In addition, our animals are spared environmental pollutants such as heavy metals, microplastics or radioactivity. This means that the consumer enjoys an absolutely pure, safe and healthy product.

Highest product quality

The flexible location and continuous delivery capability ensure a consistently high quality of our products. In addition, the shelf life of the goods is increased for our customers due to rvegional production and correspondingly short transport routes.