We want to make it possible to enjoy healthy, delicious and fresh fish and seafood with a clear conscience, while at the same time protecting our oceans as important ecosystems. Contributing a big step for the balance between satisfied humanity and intact nature. Our innovative production method is responsible and represents the solution for the aquaculture productions of the future, because it works independently of climatic changes and - in view of the ever-growing world population - is scalable.

Our Vision

InfiniteSea as a role model

With our technology, we can create new "seas" as habitats for our fish, regardless of location, or expand the sea "infinitely", so to speak. Whether in the middle of Europe or - and this is a particular concern for us - where it is most urgently needed (in the future). Hunger and food shortages continue to be one of the biggest global problems and - in view of the growing world population, the immense consumption of resources and changing climatic conditions - will be the central challenges of the future.

To achieve our goal, we work according to the latest scientific findings and continuously develop our own technologies so that the following advantages can be guaranteed.

Conserving resources

  • Minimal water consumption: We can produce fish & seafood with far less water than is the case for poultry, pork or beef, for example.
  • Use of sustainability-certified feed with a fish-in / fish-out ratio of 0, so that wild catches do not have to be used for production.
  • Regional production close to consumers minimises transport distances and thus ensures CO2 savings.

Animal welfare-friendly

  • Constantly optimal environmental conditions
  • High biosecurity - no introduction of parasites or diseases
  • No use of preventive chemicals, medicines or antibiotics
  • Ensuring health through high water quality and stress-free husbandry
  • Stress avoidance through absence of natural enemies


  • Relief of ecosystems through location-independent production
  • Protection of fish stocks through: No wild-caught fish, no mixing with wild fish, avoidance of disease transmission.
  • Fair cooperation and responsible dealings between all colleagues, suppliers and partners.
  • 100% electricity from renewable energies